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23-year-old has died after crash on the A4

05/07/2015 14:00:57

A 23-year-old man has died following a collision along the A4 Bath Road on Friday night.

The driver was travelling along the A4 Bath Road in Halfw…

U-turn over taxi tariffs

05/07/2015 12:30:10

TAXI drivers have petitioned the council to reverse a decision to change maximum tariffs, after arguing it would have increased fares.

Some driver…

Firefighters called to electric wheelchair fire

Saying thanks to Armed Forces

Singer Emma helps brighten darkness

Rotarians give pupils a memorable day out

Team GB visit Newbury College

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Bins set on fire

Tumble dryer sparks blaze

Burglars stole safe and wallet from Thatcham home

New tariffs at car park force motorists onto roads

Killer driver was on phone during crash

Backing the drive for flood defences

Man charged in connection with burglary




Woman falls to the ground after robbers attempt to steal her rucksack

Great War memorial given a new home

Students book in for some reading

Celebration as nursing home revamp completed

Man robbed while asleep in Newbury

New book is the cat's whiskers

Teenage argument ends in two girls being assualted


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